In collaboration with the Global Environmental Facility and the United Nations Development Programme, EDL carried out a full-scale soil decontamination demonstration at a former US airbase in Vietnam impacted with dioxin.
The final evaluation report for the Vietnam project provided an independent international consultant’s validation of the MCD technology for large scale remediation:

“In summary EDL’s MCD technology is considered technically qualified for remediation applications on the large majority of PCDD/F contaminated soil likely to be encountered for even the most restrictive land use and as such should be considered in any commercial opportunities that arise including for pending remediation work at Bien Hoa without further demonstration of this type, and likewise would be candidate for POPs contaminated sites being addressed by the GEF globally.”

GEF / UNDP Independent Technology Evaluation (2015)


Bureau KLB, an independent technology assessment agency, was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management in 2018 to investigate and report on the lookout for practicable sustainable options for asbestos waste treatment in Europe.

The final report established the state of development of techniques that make it possible to treat asbestos containing waste, and subsequent reuse the end product, thereby eliminating the need to send asbestos waste to landfill.

Full report – Dutch Government Link

The report concluded that the sustainability aspects of MCD which make it an attractive option for asbestos cement treatment are:

  • Simplicity and robustness of the process
  • Complete fibre destruction
  • Reusability of the end-product in cement production
  • Relatively low energy consumption for the treatment process
  • Simple environmental control techniques
  • Modularity/mobility of the installation


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